Will Scar Ever Reach the U.S.?


The 3-D film with Angela Bettis

Long story short. Unlikely. And the principal reason? It was made to capture a movement in horror that has long since passed (note to fledgling filmmakers: Don’t jumps on fads).

Fangoria’s Tony Timpone ran an MIA report (in a somewhat similar vein as our own) looking at a few titles that are long overdue for release. One of those films that made the cut was Scar 3D, starring May‘s Angela Bettis, which has opened nearly everywhere around the globe…except the U.S.

Producer Norman Twain tells Timpone why: “The reason it never got released in America is threefold: First, it was a little ahead of the curve, and at the time it should have been released, there was, for that temporary window, the feeling that horror-torture was out. HOSTEL: PART II had just opened and did not fare too well. The suits were not looking for horror. Then, concurrently, a lot of the distributors who would have been candidates to take it on all went out of business, leaving only Lionsgate and possibly the Weinsteins as options. Neither wanted to spend the necessary prints-and-advertising money to release it. Unfortunately, it fell between the cracks, and I doubt it will ever receive major American distribution. Our plans are to promote a huge U.S. premiere on VOD the first week in October.”

He also strangely downplays the value of the film. I wonder why.

Timpone also gets to the bottom of why we haven’t seen The Hole 3D, by Joe Dante, yet. I’ve personally heard that distributor interest is cold but, based on Fango’s report, there are several distributors now circling the project. For more, click here.

Source: Fangoria