Miguel Ferrer Takes the Hard Ride to Hell

And brings Katharine Isabelle with him

Horror is rekindling its fascination with bikers. Rob Zombie is still looking to get Tyrannosaurus Rex off the ground. The Butcher Bros. have The Violent Kind on the way. And Spike TV is getting ready to air Hard Ride to Hell.

Genre vet Miguel Ferrer (The Night Flier, Robocop) and Katharine Isabelle (Freddy vs. Jason, Ginger Snaps) star in this tale cooked up by writers Matthew Chernov and David Rosiak and director Penelope Buitenhuis.

Here’s a synopsis: A lonely stretch of Texas desert highway leads a group of campers on a one-way ride to hell after witnessing an obscene blood sacrifice. Now, with a group of biking devil worshipers on their tail, they are pawns in an ancient battle between good and evil. Pursued to a decrepit old church in a ghost town, the campers fall victim to a new hell: a strange young boy harboring a terrifying secret and a priest with a terrifyingly divine mission of his own.

No word yet on when Spike is showing the film but it will hit DVD on May 18. Below is a pic of Ferrer and his fellow bikers.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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