Eisner: What Happened to Creature from the Black Lagoon?


And the truth about the Brood remake

From one director to the next, Universal’s long-mooted remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon has chewed up names and spit them out. John Landis. John Carpenter… The latest? Breck Eisner, director of next week’s release The Crazies.

Eisner, who had been attached to the update long before Crazies rolled around, parted ways with the Creature, making room for director Carl Rinsch. Shock inquired how this came about when we caught up to Eisner on the phone this afternoon.

“A couple of things happened,” he explained. “The writers strike just killed us. We didn’t get the script in on time. And like I told you, I had gone down and done location scouting. Because the strike hit, we couldn’t finish the script. Rightfully so, they decided to shelve it until once the dust settled. But when it did I was off doing another movie. That’s the way these things go. Hopefully, for Flash Gordon, that won’t happen.”

Universal and Rinsch are said to be starting from scratch with a new script.

In addition to Flash Gordon, Eisner was recently paired with a remake of David Cronenberg’s The Brood. However, he told us that’s in very early development.

“I’m still putting my feet in the water on that one,” he said with a modicum of apprehension. “I’m not sure if that will be a movie for me. I love the original, but I might love the original too much to do it. I haven’t decided. To redo a movie, there needs to be a reason to do it and I’m doing a little soul searching on that one.”

If Eisner does sit in the director’s chair, he’ll do so with a script by Cory Goodman. But weighing his options from a career decision standpoint? Flash Gordon seems the way to go.

Our full chat with Eisner is coming soon…

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor

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