Driftwood Garb Up For Bids on eBay


Original costumes from Tim Sullivan’s flick

For fans of Tim Sullivan’s second feature film Driftwood (or of actors Ricky Ulman, Diamond Dallas Page, Talan Torriero or Connor Ross), you now have the unique opportunity to own original costumes from the movie as auctions are currently live on eBay.

Released by Image Home Entertainment in 2007, Sullivan’s teen supernatural thriller took top honors at the Hauntx Film Festival winning Best Feature Film going on to gain a wider audience upon its broadcast on Universal’s Chiller network during Halloween of 2009.

Now, movie memorabilia collectors and fans of both the film and its stars can literally own the costumes right off their backs. Said Sullivan, “As a lifetime horror fan and collector of memorabilia, I know how special it is to own a piece of a movie or performer you love. My hero and mentor Forry Ackerman dedicated his life to collecting such items, and when he passed away, I witnessed the thrill and joy experienced by collectors who had a chance to own a piece of his collection at prices that wouldn’t break the bank, especially in today’s economy. With that in mind, I thought it was time to give fans the opportunity to own some truly one of a kind items from my movie- as well as make room for all the costumes that just arrived from my most recent flick, the upcoming sequel to 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams.”

The auctions ends Monday, January 25th at 8:00 pm. Click the following names to bid on costumes from: Ricky Ulman, Diamond Dallas Page, Talan Torriero and Connor Ross.

Source: New Rebelion Entertainment

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