Bryce Dallas Howard on David Slade’s Eclipse


Victor’s future, taking over the role…

Contributing writer Perri Nemiroff had the opportunity to speak with The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond star Bryce Dallas Howard on behalf of our brother site today. So, we had her press the actress for some details on Eclipse, the third chapter in the Twilight saga that is directed by a familiar face in the horror scene: David Slade (yes, pretty much the only reason we’re keeping our eye on he film).

Howard’s involvement in the threequel came as a surprise to fans of the series when it was announced she was slipping into the role of Victoria, a role previously essayed by Rachelle Lefevre. Here’s what she had to say…

You take over the role of Victoria in the next Twilight movie, Eclipse. Will you be involved after the completion of that film?

Howard: I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s…Victoria has a lifespan is what I’ll say.

What was your experience joining this cast that had already been together for two films?

Howard: I was really struck by what an incredible group of young people are in that franchise. Their friendships are so genuine and they really ground each other and there is a lot going on around them, you know, there’s a lot of attention and a lot of scrutiny, but I’m truly moved by how solid they’ve remained and their values and their belief systems and their caring of one another throughout all of that and I think that with – you hope for that within a franchise. Part of the reason to come back together is to continue to tell a story but also to come back together because everyone genuinely enjoys working with one another.

It was a really really really positive experience for that reason, other than, you know, set aside the fact that just I read the books and loved the books from the very beginning and these characters are extraordinary. It’s such an absorbing story that I just felt very lucky that given the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it that I was just, you know, invited in. I hope that Eclipse continues this trend of being really reverent of what Stephanie created with the books.

What advice would you have for an actor playing a role originated by another actor? There has been major backlash in your situation and most feel you’ve handled the situation very well.

Howard: Well, we’ll see. Jury’s still out in terms of the work because Rachelle [Lefevre] really created an incredible character and is exquisite and I feel like the uproar that occurred was really appropriate because part of the joy of seeing a franchise is seeing – it’s almost like a television series, seeing the actors grow with the franchise. Her unavailability was really really really really unfortunate. So, I would just say, advice? Gosh, I mean, just to do your best and be like uber respectful, uber respectful because, you know, she won that role for a reason and I hope to honor everything that she created.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in theaters on June 30, 2010.

Source: Shock Till You Drop, Perri Nemiroff