EXCL: The Death Race 2 Director is…

He just wrapped another action sequel

Universal Home Entertainment and Impact Pictures have tapped Roel Reiné to get in the driver’s seat of Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, the direct-to-DVD sequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s Death Race.

The film is a prequel, penned by Tony Giglio, once again set at Terminal Island where a man named Carl “Luke” Lucas enters the titular game. Essentially, it’s a look at a previous “Frankenstein” before Anderson’s film put Jason Statham into the boots of the character.

Reiné, who hails from the Netherlands, recently wrapped another direct-to-DVD sequel, The Marine 2, and also helmed The Lost Tribe and the Lance Henriksen-starring Deadwater. He produced the upcoming Bear, a nature-run-amok thriller which arrives sometime next year.

Now, the question is…who’s going to be cast as “Frankenstein”? Keep your eyes peeled to Shock for more as it comes! For more from the writer, check out this previous news item!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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