Theatrical Poster, Dates for Evil Dead Re-Release


Midnight screenings set for 2010

Back in late October, it was announced that Grindhouse Releasing would be re-releasing Sam Raimi’s classic debut feature The Evil Dead back onto the big screen in a series of special midnight showings. Now, we’ve got the first batch of dates and theaters, along with the cool re-release one-sheet poster. (Check it out below!)

This theatrical release gives fans a chance to experience the original as it was intended to be seen. “Nothing can prepare an audience for what they are about to see, because nothing punishes an audience like EVIL DEAD – especially on the big screen,” says Bruce Campbell. “I’m really glad it’s back. People are gonna be hurt.”

Here are the initial dates!

January 8-9: Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis

January 15-16: Esquire Theatre, Denver

January 29-30: Sunshine Cinema, New York

February 5-6: Egyptian Theatre, Seattle

February 19-20: River Oaks Theatre, Houston

February 26-27: Inwood, Dallas

March 5: Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles

May 22: Hudson Horrorshow Poughkipsie, NY

More cities will be announced as they are confirmed.

Source: Grindhouse Releasing