Dexter’s Dad Down With Vampire Diaries?


Actor James Remar joins CW show

In a TV Guide interview with James Remar, the actor revealed he’ll be joining the cast of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, ironically enough playing the father of Stefan and Damon, Giuseppe Salvatore.

On how he got the role? “I was brought in by Marcos Siega, who has directed several episodes of Dexter and Vampire Diaries,” explained Remar. “He’s now the show runner on Vampire Diaries and thought I’d be right for this role.”

“He’s an aristocrat in the 1860’s of Italian decent,” he tells the mag when asked to describe Giuseppe. “It’s the Civil War Era and it’s about how he relates to his boys.”

For more, including Remar talking about Dexter and his TV movie The Christmas Hope, check out the whole interview right here.

Source: TV Guide