Brea Grant Talks We Will Bury You Cover Art


Would also like a crack at Hack/Slash

We recently had a lengthy chat with actress-turned-comic-book writer Brea Grant (Halloween II) about her upcoming zombie comic We Will Bury You, an apocalyptic tale that takes place in the 20’s which she co-scripted with her brother Zane. The first issue hits store shelves in February of 2010 courtesy of IDW.

In our interview, she revealed to Shock the special guest artists contributing covers for the first two issues. 30 Days Of Night co-creator Ben Templesmith supplies the cover artwork for Issue One, while Issue Two will have a cover by Nate Powell. (Both pictured below.)

Templesmith was the person that helped the Grant siblings get their pitch over to the people at IDW and originally was set to draw the book as well. “He was supposed to do the entire comic but he had another obligation come up so he agreed to do the cover for the first one,” explains Brea. “When Ben became unavailable, our editor sent us a bunch of other artists to look at and Kyle Strahm just really stood out. He could draw these gruesome disgusting monsters, but also really pretty characters and our two main characters are women so we wanted them to be good looking, likable and awesome. He was able to pull off both so we were really lucky and he’s been great.”

As far as future cover artists for the book, “the second issue’s cover is by Nate Powell who won an Eisner for Swallow Me Whole. He’s an awesome artist and writer and he did it in the theme of a 1920’s-ish poster, which is the time period the story takes place in. We’re talking to other people now about the later issues.”

When pressed for details on what are among some of her favorite comic books, Brea said, The Walking Dead is the quintessential zombie comic book. Also, I love Hack/Slash, which some people think is cheesy, but I think it’s amazing! People always laugh at me when I buy it at the comic store.”

With the mention of Hack/Slash, we asked the former Heroes speedster if she’d be interested in taking part in the upcoming movie version which is currently being scripted by Stephen Susco. “Oh, I’d love to be a part of that,” she enthusiastically replies. “Is someone attached as Cassie yet? Well, I’d dye my hair black for that. I think I can totally pull that off. I definitely have to look into it.”

Hack/Slash centers on the aforementioned Cassie Hack, a high school student who goes on the road, with her partner Vlad, to eradicate slashers, supernatural killers who return from the dead.

For details on where to order We Will Bury You, click here. Be on the look out for our full interview with Brea Grant shortly!

Source: Robg.