EXCL: Green Officially Back to Write, Direct Hatchet 2


Pre-production begins and more details

In 2010, there’s still a reason to stay out of the swamp, because Victor Crowley is back.

Adam Green exclusively announced to Shock Till You Drop this morning that he is officially returning to write and direct Hatchet 2, the long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s slasher film Hatchet.

“It’s finally happening,” Green enthused. “It’s going to have double the body count and Anchor Bay is being cool enough to allow me to make the sequel I want to make.”

The writer-director recently wrapped the thriller Frozen which is opening in theaters next February. He’s wasting no time between productions; pre-production on Hatchet 2 has already begun.

And while he can’t announce the cast just yet, he can confirm Kane Hodder is most definitely returning as the bayou-stalking killer known as Victor Crowley. Also, some surprising names are being added to the cast line-up. Unfortunately, Joel Moore (Avatar, Spiral) won’t be returning as he lost his arm in the original (and is presumably dead). To have him back would mean they’d have to call upon some CGI augmentation which goes against Green’s determined use of practical FX only in the Hatchet films.

Speaking of FX, Robert Pendergraft will be taking the lead this time out creating a Crowley that looks even more bad-ass than before.

Shooting on Hatchet 2 begins early next year. Stay tuned for casting announcements sometime next month!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor