Fessenden Off The Orphanage Remake?


Was set to direct American version

Back in August, we reported that filmmaker Larry Fessenden was attached to direct the American remake of The Orphanage, a project he’d co-written with producer Guillermo Del Toro. (Which quite frankly was a really good match in this writer’s humble opinion.)

Sadly, it looks like we not get to see Fessenden’s take on the material. Arrow In The Head reports from the set of Stake Land, (a flick that Fessenden is producing) that the director is off the project.

“The Orphanage was two years of waiting,” explains Fessenden. “Working on the script with Guillermo was a very exciting experience, but then I got into a casting miasma and that’s where the thing is; I think they’re gonna do it another way, actually. So I think I’m out of it. Hopefully they’ll still use my script, but I’m not sure I’m directing it anymore. That’s Hollywood for ya.”

The director goes on to give a few more comments on the direction they may go with the remake in the original article here.

Fessenden directed The Last Winter, Wendigo and Habit and has produced several movies with his Glass Eye Pix production company including this year’s I Sell The Dead (which he also starred in) and The House Of The Devil. We’ll keep you posted on what his next project will be once we hear it.

Source: ArrowInTheHead