Photos/Video: Re-Animator Shock, New Bev Screening


Gordon and Combs Q & A!

Last weekend, Shock Till You Drop co-hosted a special midnight screening of Re-Animator at the New Beverly theater with costume designer Robin Lewis-West, director Stuart Gordon and star Jeffrey Combs all in attendance!

Before the screening, Shock hosted a Q & A session and while we don’t have the entire transcript available, we do have have four highlighted clips below, as well as a few pictures for those that couldn’t make it down. Check it out!

Hit up the New Bev website right here and hope to see you at the next screening!

In this clip, Combs and Gordon talk Edgar Allan Poe show Nevermore!

In this clip, Stuart Gordon talks rating issues and costume design.

In this clip, Combs talks about playing Herbert West.

In this clip, Combs talks about the comic books using his character Herbert West.

Source: Robg., Photos & Video by: Shannon Robles