Dirty Deeds Happening Across the Hall


Image sets date, releases trailer

It’s been well over a year since we’ve heard anything about Across the Hall. At the time, it sounded like it had some horror potential, but now that an official trailer is out, it looks like a thriller in the film noir-sense.

Brittany Murphy, Mike Vogel and Danny Pino star. Here’s the full synopsis:

A quiet night takes a dangerous turn when Julian receives a frantic phone call from his best friend, Terry. Terry claims to have followed his unfaithful fiancée, June, to a seedy hotel on the other side of town. To make matters worse, he’s staked out the room across the hall from her, a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a revolver in the other. Julian pleads with his friend to stay put while he rushes to avert disaster.

Image Entertainment picked up the film for distribution and have it pegged for a December 4 release.

Source: Apple