Hack/Slash Skewers New Scribe


He’s had a Grudge in the past

Like many of the undead killers Cassie Hack has had to take down in Devil’s Due Publishing’s comic book series “Hack/Slash,” Rogue Pictures’ big screen incarnation refuses to die in development.

Stephen Susco (Red, The Grudge) is the latest writer to hop aboard the property. He comes on the heels of Justin Marks, Todd Lincoln, Ben Magid and Martin Schenk. Lincoln was the first named attached and he was scheduled to direct until he stepped away to direct The Apparition for Dark Castle.

Shock was able to confirm Susco’s involvement, however, he was not available to comment about his take on the project and whether or not he was starting from scratch or simply revising the script that’s currently out there.

Hack/Slash centers on the aforementioned Cassie Hack, a high school student who goes on the road, with her partner Vlad, to eradicate slashers, supernatural killers who return from the dead.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com