Trailer & DVD Details for She’s Crushed


“Call me back!”

Maverick Entertainment has announced the February 16, 2010 DVD release of She’s Crushed which is arriving under the Creep FX banner.

Patrick Johnson’s thriller tells of Tara, who sets her sights on the unassuming guy-next-door, Ray. Their innocent flirting turns into a regretful one night stand. He is hoping to put the indiscretion safely behind him, but Tara makes it horrifically clear that she is more than willing to go to extremes to keep her man. Everyone that Ray cares about will pay for his reckless decision as they are all forced into a twisted game of love, torture, and death at the hands of sadistic Tara.

Watch Tara go bat-shit crazy in the trailer below. Maverick’s DVD comes with audio commentary. Visit the official site here.

Source: Maverick Entertainment