EXCL: What Can We Expect from Death Race 2?

And which characters are back?

The death race continues at Universal who is prepping Death Race: Frankenstein Lives for the DVD market.

Last week came the news, direct from Death Race producer Jeremy Bolt, that production will begin in 2010 and that casting has begun for the new Frankenstein (aka Carl Lucas in this prequel).

It’s “an origin film, in every sense,” says writer Tony Giglio. “Not simply of the Death Race or Frankenstein, but of [characters] Lists and Case.” In Paul Anderson’s remake, Lists and Case were played by Frederick Koehler and Natalie Martinez (pictured), respectively. We hope she’s back, too.

“I also took painstaking efforts to make certain that this prequel organically sets up a lot of the stuff that was in the original. Frankenstein is a bad ass. Unlike Statham’s character in the original, Carl Lucas is a bad guy. He wasn’t framed. He’s not fighting to get out to save his children. He’s a convicted cop killer. A guy who’s worked for the mob his whole life. A true anti-hero. The idea was ‘Mad Max.’ He’ll do the right thing, but only if it serves him. I hope that gives this film an edge most don’t.”

Death Race: Frankenstein Lives is looking for a director now.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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