Fourth Teaser Poster for All About Evil

Official website launches

A new teaser poster for Joshua Grannell’s All About Evil featuring actor Noah Segan (Deadgirl, Cabin Fever 2) as the character of Adrian has surfaced. We paired it up below with the other three character posters for your convenience. The flick co-stars Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles, A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira).

All About Evil is a wicked black comedy set in the world of a horror movie about a mousy librarian (Natasha Lyonne) who inherits her father’s beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer – and a legion of rabid gore fans – when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. What her fans don’t realize yet is that the murders in the movies are all too real!

The official website has also launched and features never-before-seen movie stills, artwork from the movie, news, and more. Visit it and bookmark it right here

In addition to the official All About Evil website, visitors can explore the mad world of the Victoria Theatre at the theatre’s linked website, specially created by movie-house proprietress and ex-librarian “Deborah Tennis” (with the help of her experienced projectionist “Mr. Twigs”). Learn all about Deborah and her progressive D.I.Y. model for film exhibition, what her fans think of her, and check out some of the upcoming screenings of her original short films.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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