A Look Ahead at the Trailer for Yesterday


They fought zombies, then they fought themselves

What’s the to fear: The living or the dead? That’s the big question in Yesterday, a Canadian zombie film from writer-director Rob Grant. The query is nothing new and has been asked in countless films concerning zombie uprisings, but Grant apparently has a new spin on it. The following is a synopsis from Cinemavault and a trailer.

When a strange flu-like virus starts killing people and turning them into flesh-eating zombies, a group of strangers are forced to band together in a struggle for survival that comes to a head during a stand off at the local grocery store. Afterwards, the remaining survivors decide to flee to the wilderness.

Once camp is built however, they find that the living dead are not the only danger as they begin to turn on one another in a struggle for power and control.

Source: Cinemavault