Production On Deadtime Ramps Up


Murder in a rock studio

We’ve just gotten word that shooting for the feature film Deadtime begins on November 21st, from Midlands based production company Deadtime Films; a division of Spooked Films Limited.

The story centers around Birmingham based goth/metal band Love Meets Murder who during their “deadtime” hole up in an old run down studio for a weekend to record a new song and video. Locked in, they will not emerge until they’ve successfully come up with something great. Tensions arise and once one of their entourage is found murdered, dark secrets begin to unfold and a series of grisly murder, each more depraved than the last, turns the whole enterprise into a grim battle for survival.

Terry Christian, ex-presenter of Channel 4’s The Word has just joined the cast.

Tony Jopia, Stephen Bishop and Dominic Took produce, novelist Stephen Bishoppenned the script, and Deadtime will be helmed by experienced television and Midlands based director Tony Jopia. Visit the official website right here.

Source: Robg.