Correction: Garris Hosting FearNet Series Post Mortem


Chatting with fellow masters

Correction: Garris wrote in to us to clarify that the show’s episodes will run a half hour on FearNet’s cable incarnation, while the webisodes will run five minutes.

Filmmaker Mick Garris is returning to his roots: Interviewing fellow genre professionals. Before directing several Stephen King adaptions such as The Stand, The Shining and Desperation or creating the Showtime hit series Masters Of Horror, Garris hosted the local L.A. movie series The Fantasy Film Festival, which boasted a bevy of in-depth chats with directors such as David Cronenberg, John Landis and William Friedkin.

Variety reports that Garris will now host Post Mortem With Mick Garris for FearNet, the site that most recently premiered the original web-series Fear Clinic in October.

Already wrapped segments will include chats with John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Robert Englund and Tobe Hooper. Running at about five minutes each, the webisodes will debut in December on the network, which is distributed via on demand, online and mobile platforms.

Jim Burns is exec producing Post Mortem, while Eric Spiegelman is producing. Jetpack Media is behind the show.

FearNet’s Diane Robina says, “There is nobody in the business who can bring to our audience what Mick can: an unprecedented knowledge of the industry from the ground up, and a network of A-list colleagues.”

Source: Variety