Could Scream 4 Be the Hit Dimension Needs?


Film cleans up at the AFM

In a morning report about the 2009 American Film Market – which was admittedly glum last year but is now seeing a silver lining – Screen Daily says The Weinstein Company’s Scream 4 has been a hit in the marketplace with buyers “flocking” to the title.

This is even before Kevin Williamson has even turned in a draft of the script. Early buzz in the marketplace could spell good things for Dimension Films which has had a sluggish 2009. It might even prompt the Weinsteins to move a little faster to lock down a director. Wes Craven is being courted to return, but he wants to see a script first.

Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are signed to star again and the fourth entry will introduce all-new characters.

Source: Screen Daily