Paint This Dream Home Red With Blood


Art, photo from Hong Kong slasher film

Pang Ho-Cheung’s Dream Home is in the can and Fortissimo Films is looking for buyers at the American Film Market this year. The following sales art and photo caught our eye, so we dug a bit and locked a lengthy synopsis for this described “slasher film.”

When she was a child, Cheng Lai-sheung (Josie Ho) could see Hong Kong’s fame Victoria Harbor from her apartment. But as time passed, the old buildings in front of her home were demolished to make way for a huge residential project that now blocks her view. Increasingly disappointed and upset, she vowed to one day save up enough money for her family to move into a new apartment with a magnificent sea view.

In order to achieve her dream, Cheng has to work hard at two full-time jobs. She even goes as far as stealing customer data to sell to other companies. However, no matter how much she toils, she cannot earn enough to keep up with the ever-increasing values of Hong Kong’s real estate. With her father terminally ill and medical expenses rising, she decides to make a fateful choice for her family: to let her father die and cash in his insurance.

But even the insurance money proves to not be enough, since property prices keep leaping higher. Her dream home now seems forever out of reach…until suddenly, it dawns on her: in order to get what she wants, she must take matters into her own hands…even if it means getting her hands seriously bloody.

Interesting. Not sure how the slasher element comes into play but word is, this is a nasty one to look forward to.

Source: Fortissimo Films