Art, Synopsis for Revenge Thriller Seven Days


Parents make killer suffer, French-style

Sensing a theme here. In the wake of films like Hostel, we saw the torture craze seep in Otis, which concerned parents who exact bloody revenge on the man who they think raped their daughter. In the upcoming Twisted Pictures offering The Tortured, parents exact bloody revenge on the man who killed their son.

Across the pond, a director who goes simply by the name “Podz” (aka Daniel Grou) is carrying the torture torch with Seven Days, hitting sometime next year.

Claude Legault and Fanny Mallette play the parents this time. And, in the film, their daughter is raped and killed. The murderer (played by Martin Dubreuil) is arrested and a macabre plan germinates in the father’s mind. When the murderer appears in court, ol’ pop kidnaps the dude (!) and sends the police a message stating that his daughter’s kiler will be tortured for seven days and executed. Once he’s finished, only then will he turn himself in. Ah, so there’s the twist, the father knows he’s not going to get away so easy.

Seven Days is based on Patrick Senecal’s novel “Les Sept Jours du Talion.”

Source: E1 Entertainment