WWE Pulls Undertaker Film into the Ring?


Origin tale being planned

WWE Films cut its teeth on the horror genre with See No Evil, a simple and brutally violent vehicle for Kane to star in and f**k people up. Then there was The Marine. ‘Nuff said. Moving on…

The Undertaker may be getting a feature film all his own. Rumblings around various wrestling sites (the PWInsider broke the scoop) say WWE is looking to do a western set in the late 1800s and it will be an origin story.

Given the Undertaker’s macabre persona, we’re guessin’ there will be an element of the supernatural thrown in. That’s just a guess. It would be great, too, to get Gregory Dark back in the director’s chair. He gave See No Evil and slick look that would work well if applied to a gritty western.

That’s just our wishes.

No word yet on how far along WWE’s plans are.

Source: PWInsider