More Casting News on 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days


Now shooting in Vancouver

Dread Central’s Sean Decker just returned from a visit to the set of Dark Days, the 30 Days of Night sequel and learned of some additional casting on the flick.

We already knew about Kiele Sanchez (who replaces Melissa George as Stella), Mia Kirshner (playing vampire Lilith), Diora Baird (Night Of The Demons), Rhys Coiro (Straw Dogs) and Harold Perrineau. According to the article, Troy Ruptash (as Agent Norris), Jackson Berlin, John De Santis, Marco Sorian and Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Freddy Vs Jason) have also all joined the cast.

Ben Ketai’s directing from a screenplay written by Steve Niles and Ketai. You can check out some location pics from Decker’s report right here. As well as some comments from Niles about adapting his original graphic novel series into a screenplay at our previous news post here.

Source: Dread Central