Another Look at Billy Zane in Magic Man


Art and new director for the thriller

Direct from the American Film Market, here’s your look at the sales art for American World Pictures’ Magic Man, starring Billy Zane, Richard Tyson and Armand Assante.

It appears Roscoe Lever is taking directing credit instead of Stuart Cooper, the first man attached to the film when it was announced. The project has been on the block for some time awaiting distribution.

Watch a trailer here. Below you’ll find a reprint of the full synopsis to refresh your memory as to what this thriller’s about.

Tatiana (Estelle Raskin) and her beautiful girlfriends are on holiday in Las Vegas, City of Illusion.

The daughter of a magician’s assistant killed tragically during an illusion gone wrong, Tatiana is drawn to Krell Darius’ (Billy Zane) extremely popular magic show. Entrancing audience members with the help of his beautiful assistant Samantha (Bai Ling), Darius’ charm, wit and magical talent prove difficult for Tatiana to resist. But as she becomes enraptured by Darius, it becomes clear that he may know something about her mother’s death, and that it was not an accident. As Tatiana digs deeper into what Darius may or may not know, events take a sinister turn.

One by one, Tatiana’s friends are found brutally murdered. Fearing Tatiana might be next, Las Vegas police detectives Simpson (Robert Davi) and Orloff (Alexander Nevsky), along with Chief Taper (Armand Assante), seek answers from Darius and Samantha. Meanwhile, Tatiana uses some of her own magic to uncover the mystery of her mother’s death and track down the real killers.

Source: American World Pictures