Rest for the Wicked Howls in Pre-Production


It’s The Hangover but with a…

Of the many pictures being announced this year at the American Film Market, this one gave us a good chuckle.

Todd Turner is in pre-production on Rest for the Wicked for Peach State Pictures.

Megan is the protagonist of this mystery. She’s a gal who awakes one day covered in blood, unaware of what happened the night before. As the police retrace her steps she uncovers the horrors and a werewolf.

I’ve been waiting for scenario like the one played out in this summer’s The Hangover to be applied to the horror genre. This sounds like it will skirt those grounds.

Rest for the Wicked is a ways out and it appears it’s hitting the AFM for potential investors. So it might happen…and it might not. There are three Todd Turners listed on the IMDB, so it’s either Todd Turner the cinematographer, Todd Turner the electrical grip (doubtful) or Todd Turner who has served as an assistant director on a number of projects like Remember the Titans and One Missed Call. I’ll take a shot it’s the last one.

Source: Peach State Pictures