Carriers Infects DVD Market This December


You’ll have to rent it first to see it

Carriers, the film Paramount dropped into theaters like a hot potato, is coming to DVD on December 8.

But only for rental. Go figure. Paramount Home Entertainment tells us it will be available for sale “four to six weeks” after its rental street date.

So, again, a bizarre release for a film that received a modicum of acclaim from those who have seen it, like Stephen King who gave it a thumbs up in Entertainment Weekly.

The Pastor brothers directed this tale of four friends who set out in search of an uncontaminated refuge during a viral epidemic. As they travel across the decimated landscape of America, they encounter a truth far more horrifying than the virus they are trying to survive.

Star Trek‘s Chris Pine stars alongside Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp.

No special features have been revealed.

Source: Paramount Home Entertainment