Must Watch: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil Trailer


Anchor Bay or Ghost House, you paying attention?

The trailer needs finesse but, boy, does it work. In anticipation of the American Film Market, Voltage Pictures has unveiled a look at Tucker and Dale Versus Evil starring Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labine (Reaper) and directed by Eli Craig (The Tao of Pong).

Tudyk and Labine are two rednecks pals who are mistaken for killers by your archetypal college kids who are vacationing in the woods. How they’re “mistaken” is revealed in the trailer and it does elicit a few good chuckles. It’s a Shaun of the Dead for the killer hillbilly sub-genre, basically. We’re open to it. And even though we wish the best (a theatrical run) for films we’re eager to see, but this seems ideal for Anchor Bay or even Ghost House Underground, if the latter wants to take a leap into horror-comedy waters.

Perhaps the AFM will yield some distribution news. Stay tuned! For all of our AFM headlines to date click here!

Source: Voltage Pictures