Crispy Ghosts Haunt The Reeds Trailer


A boating trip turns into a nightmare

Ghosts have to get a new hobby. Seriously. They die in a specific place, probably tortured and murdered there, then haunt that location and raise hell for the living. We’ve seen it time and time again, now see it in The Reeds, a UK chiller from Nick Cohen (Voodoo Lagoon) starring Scarlett Alice Johnson and Geoff Bell (Rocknrolla).

Long Time Dead scribe Chris Baker penned the story with Mark Anthony Galluzzo. And the premise is simple: A boating party gets lost in the ancient waterways of the Norfolk Broads and finds itself victim of a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds.

Said “secret” appears to be a bunch of dead thugs (one of them charred, it seems), according to the trailer which we got our hands on. See for yourself below. Hopefully this will have enough twists to freshen up what looks like a film that has adopted an old formula.

The Reeds screens at the American Film Market this week. For all of our AFM headlines to date click here!

Source: Altadena Films