Julianna Guill Grounded With Green Screen in Altitude


Friday the 13th star talks new film

Julianna Guill can’t get a break on the ground or in the air. Having faced terror on two legs in Friday the 13th and My Super Psycho Sweet 16, she’ll now be seen screaming her lungs out in Altitude.

“It’s a thriller that takes place on a six-person passenger plane,” Guill explained for us. She shares such tight quarters in the film with co-stars Landon Liboiron, Jake Weary, Jessica Lowndes and Ryan Donowho. Lowndes plays a newbie pilot who takes her pals up in the air only to face an unknown, inhuman menace. “We were on that plane for 21 days of shooting, you can’t stand up inside and we’re in front of a green screen. The director [Kaare Andrews] used to illustrate for Marvel comics and he’s really innovative. I really enjoyed working with him.”

The actress describes the film as “a bit supernatural and a psychological thriller, in my opinion. It was a challenging film but I was happy to do the scenes I got to do. I got a chance to do some emotional stuff.”

Altitude is expected to touch down in theaters next year.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor