What Does Takács Want to See from The Gate Remake?


Currently in pre-production with Alex Winter

To promote Lionsgate’s special edition of the 1987 film The Gate, which introduced movie-goers to a pint-sized Stephen Dorff, director Tibor Takács spoke with ShockTillYouDrop.com about his hellish creation. While that full chat is coming soon for you reading pleasure, we extracted this nugget. We had him comment on the forthcoming 3-D remake of The Gate which is being directed by Alex Winter (Freaked).

“I hope they can revisit the enchanted tone we had in the first Gate,” he muses. “Knowing the realities of today’s marketplace and the deal they set up, that might not be in the cards. I hope they remember that the concept of The Gate. The central idea of digging a hole in your backyard and unleashing demons is a PG-13 idea meant for kids and any adults wanting to explore nostalgic scary feelings from their childhood. That may not fit so well in a movie aimed at an R audience.”

Randy Cook, who shouldered FX duties on the original Gate, was in line to direct before creative differences saw him bow out of the project. Winter is currently in pre-production.

The Gate: Monstrous Special Edition is now in stores!

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com

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