Take a Trip Through Silent Hill: The Maze


From the creators of the Saw attraction

Last year, Jeff Schleffelbein and his production teams created, in Brea, California created the first ever official haunted attraction maze based on the Saw franchise. You can read more about it in my tour here.

While Schleffelbein had hoped to carry on Jigsaw’s legacy via the attraction medium this year, Lionsgate ultimately gave the rights to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. So, Schleffelbein and the gang at Sinister Pointe are moving on to another franchise, this one culled from Konami’s video game franchise Silent Hill. They’ve also whipped up a maze entitled Fear.

You’ll find them both at the Brea Plaza Center (453 S. Associated Rd.

Brea, CA 92886). Visit SinisterPointe.com for more details!

Sinister Pointe

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor

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