Schumacher’s Delayed Creek Opens Today?!


Retitled again to…

Oh so quietly, and unbeknown to us, Lionsgate is releasing Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek, formerly known as Creek, into theaters today.

Yes, today.

The chiller, starring Dominic Purcell, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender, is debuting in Memphis, Dallas, Orlando and a handful of other cities, says The Bloodshot Eye. And, akin to what Lionsgate pulled on The Midnight Meat Train last year, it’s being dumped into second run theaters.

Creek has been listed on Lionsgate’s press site for months now under “coming soon,” however, a quick glance over there now yields little answers – the title has simply been removed from the upcoming slate. Sad news for a film I’ve heard is a decent revenge story steeped in Nazi occult craziness.

It was produced under the old Lionsgate regime, when Peter Block (who has since moved on to A Bigger Boat) was still around. And as it’s been theorized in the past, the new studio regime is merely taking the films he shepherded and giving them lackluster releases.

Expect a quick DVD turnaround…

Source: The Bloodshot Eye