Maskhead Primed to Assault Film Fests


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Fred Vogel, the creator of the August Underground Trilogy, and Masters of Horror writer Scott Swan (Cigarette Burns, Pro-Life) have teamed up for a slice of depravity entitled Maskhead.

The film premieres at the BUT Film Festival in Holland on September 12 and makes its American premiere at Cinema Wasteland on October 4.

Maskhead tells the tale of Syl and Maddie, lesbian filmmakers who produce fetish videos with a deadly twist. Each sickening video concludes with somebody getting tortured and killed snuff movie style by a hulking, bandaged brute in a bizarre mask that covers his deformed face. This is “Maskhead,” Syl and Maddie’s star. With the help of their sociopath associate, The Cowboy, the demented crew begins work on their next series of Maskhead videos. Business is good and the bodies pile up quickly.


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