Someone’s Knocking at the Door


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Noah Segan as Justin

Andrea Rueda as Meg

Jon Budinof as Sebastian

Ricardo Grey as Joe

Silvia Spross as Annie

Ezra Buzzington as John Hopper

Directed by Chad Ferrin


Described as a film that shatters morality, decency and depravity like nothing else, Someone’s Knocking At The Door is the latest from director Chad Ferrin’s (Easter Bunny Kill Kill, The Ghouls) twisted universe.

When a group of med students find out that their friend is murdered by a pair of perverse sex addicted maniacs who were the subject of a psych test gone wrong decades ago, Justin (Noah Segan) breaks into the records room of the school and uncovers the files on the two suspected of the crime. While the police keep pointing fingers at the students, the real murders whittle away at the survivors by way of a giant bloody penis that is straight out of a Troma film and a rather creative vaginal “reverse birthing.”

The movie plays homage to ’70s hallucinogenic films and your perception can be misconstrued since the cast is constantly high on something. What is real and what is not real is, at first, very clear but by the end you definitely see what the real deal is. And therein lies the problem I had with the film. It was too coherent at the start to be able to claim the moniker of ’70s drug movie.

The mystery fades away and you’re left with a group of kids who are just a bunch of drug addicts. Yes, it is clever, yes, the writing is funny and the cast actually does a good job but as it came to an end I was hoping that they did something more far-fetched. Its identity had seemed to get lost in its own drug addled trip.

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