A Second Clip from Sorority Row


Writer comments on the three minute clip

The girls of Sorority Row know how to party! Here’s a second clip from the September 11 release that presents what MTV says is the first three minutes of the film. It looked like director Stewart Hendler was going to present us with a single shot trip through the house party, alas, he abandons that stylistic approach. Still, you get to meet the cast straight away and find out why they “love” each other. Had a good chuckle at the “I just got tested, it’s cool”…because I can be easily amused sometimes.

Update: Wow, that was quick. Following up on what I mention above (the single shot), writer Josh Stolberg writes on the IMDB: “FYI, everybody. The clip is WAY cut up. Like slashed and hacked to eliminate anything resembling edge. MUCH better in the movie. Maybe they’ll release a red-band version of this same clip. But there’s nakedness and craziness and much funnier lines from the girls and… so much missing. Also the movie starts with an AMAZING (and I can say amazing because Stewart did all the work) opening shot that is one continuous take taking a tour of the sorority house. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, this is the Disney Channel version of the opening scene. This three minute clip is actually like 8 minutes in the actual film when you factor all the cutting they did. I would have posted this info on the blog but just wanted to make sure everyone knew.”

So there you go.

Source: MTV

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