28 Days Later Saga Continues…


Fox and Boom! unite for series

Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios announced at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA that July will see 28 Days Later return to comic books and graphic novels.

Initial launch story will be firmly based in 28 Days Later continuity with the first arc focusing on Selena. Bridging the gap between 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, a few key questions will be answered along the way: what happened to Selena after 28 Days Later? How did Selena happen upon the machete she wields in 28 Days Later?

The new Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios collaboration will see titles serialized as individual single issue comic books before being collected into trade paperback graphic novels available in the direct and mass bookstore markets. 28 Days Later #1 is the first in the series for this new collaboration.

The Fox Atomic Comics – BOOM! Studios venture will see a broad expansion of Fox Atomic’s titles after its previous success. Partners are keeping the specific details of the series under wraps with expectations for further announcements later in the convention season featuring marquee series and high-profile creators.

Source: Fox Atomic, Boom! Studios