Curve Attracts Mutant Director

Thriller pulled out of limbo

During the spring of 2008, had a brief chat with producer Neil Moritz of Original Film about Curve, a thriller vehicle for Eva Mendes. Mortiz, the producer at the time, said the project was dead. Well, it appears Kimberly Johnson’s script has found new life with director Simon Hunter (Mutant Chronicles).

Variety reports he has signed on to the thriller about a woman who offers a ride to a good Samaritan after he helps her fix her car. When the man tries to attack her, she attempts an emergency maneuver that lands her trapped in her car in a ravine, with the man waiting for her to weaken.

Benderspink and Solipsist Films is producing. Hunter will tinker with Johnson’s script with the goal to begin production in six months. This will take priority over the director’s wartime thriller which he exclusive spoke to us about right here.

Source: Variety


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