Thirst Poster Banned in Korea


This image is causing controversy

A teaser poster for Park Chan-wook’s Thirst has kicked up a shirtstorm of controversy over in Korea.

The image you see on the left – the ad campaign selected for the film – was banned because of its “sexual context.” South Korea’s Media Rating Board didn’t care for it, no sir. You see, Song Kang-ho plays a priest-turned-vamp. So there’s a religious angle, too. And when you toss a lovely gal chokin’ a man of the cloth, well, some folks get a bit touchy.

The film is entitled “Bat” overseas, so the poster’s creators were going for bat-like symbolism with the placement of the characters. Thirst, which was co-financed by Universal, is due for release in South Korea on April 30th.

According to Variety, the production team still plans to use the poster as key artwork for marketing outside Korea.

Source: Variety