Update: About That Michael Myers Beard…


Also, official H2 site gets a relaunch
You know the theme, now hear it over and over again on the recently re-launched teaser site for Rob Zombie's H2. Not much to see there, but plenty to listen to.

Now, about that thick beard seen on Tyler Mane in the set pics we posted early this morning. Our man who took the photos, Adam, says he saw Mane wearing the Myers mask.

"You can't see the beard AT ALL under the mask," Adam writes in. "So the beard is…well, completely irrelevant to the movie, character, or actor. He's a huge – like holy crap don't eat my children kinda huge – and hairy and scary as hell. Kinda perfect fit if you ask me."

Mane has been growing the beard over the last year, we're told.

Update: Rob Zombie posted on his blog the below pic of Daniel Roebuck as Lou Martini, "owner of the Rabbit in Red hanging at the 20th Haddonfield Pumpkin Bash."


Update: About That Michael Myers Beard…


Update: About That Michael Myers Beard…


Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com

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