Garret Dillahunt Talks Tigers and Burning Bright


There’s a new addition to the cast…

One upcoming film sure to raise eyebrows based on concept alone is Burning Bright. In it, a young woman (Briana Evigan) and her autistic brother (Charlie Tahan) find themselves trapped in a house, during a hurricane with a hungry tiger. The man responsible? Blame actor Garrett Dillahunt.

“Have you ever driven through the South like, ‘Come to Johnny’s Rattlesnake Pit!’? He’s that guy and he’s got a wild animal farm,” the actor tells while promoting his upcoming film The Last House on the Left. That’s just the set up. Why and how a tiger winds up locked away with Evigan shall remain a mystery for now. Dillahunt, however, said he had a blast on the film. “I like [director] Carlos Brooks, he did Quid Pro Quo. And Briana Evigan, she’s something else! She’s cool, down to earth and fun.”

Of his massive, clawed co-star, Dillahunt says he didn’t get much real life interaction with the tiger. “That would be too dangerous. There’s a lot of green screen stuff. It confuses me, I try to comprehend it but I don’t ever know quite how they do it,” he laughs. “But there is a lot of green screen with shooting our actions to what they film the tiger doing. Meanwhile, the tiger has been chasing around a green chicken.” He adds he just got back from a brief re-shooting period. “I did a new beginning of the movie. With Meat Loaf! He’s really fun and a sweet guy.”

There’s plenty more on Burning Bright coming, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor