Six New Pics from The Beacon

The ghost story starring Teri Polo

Ready to start circulating through the film fest circuit this year is The Beacon and today writer-director Michael Stokes dropped in on with a few pics to share. He also tells us the flick has just been accepted into Long Beach’s Paranoia Horror Festival running March 13-15.

Stokes’s directorial debut (he penned and produced the actioner Exit Speed), The Beacon was shot in Waxahachie, Texas in a building he describes as a “real-life haunted hotel.” The cast includes David Rees Snell, Michael Ironside and Elaine Hendrix. Leading lady Teri Polo plays a grieving woman who begins to see the ghost of a young boy who died in her apartment complex. A mystery ensues when she tries to lock down the cause of the boy’s death and attempts to save his spirit. You can watch a trailer here.

We’ll keep you posted on release date news when it comes in.

Teri Polo as Bryn Shaw and David Rees Snell as Paul Shaw

Elaine Hendrix as Vanessa Carver

Kelli Dawn Hancock as Kit Karasic and Michael Ironside as Lt. Ned Hutton

Ken Howard as Bobby Ford

Writer-Director Michael Stokes blocks a scene with David Rees Snell and Elaine Hendrix



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