Two Coroners Cast in Halloween 2


Will we find Myers on a slab?

Reporting in on his MySpace blog from Atlanta, Georgia where he’s set to begin shooting Halloween 2 later this month, Rob Zombie says actors Dayton Callie and Richard Brake have joined the cast.

Callie will play coroner Alan Hooks while Brake is “a corpse f**king obsessed coroner’s assistant.” The former has appeared on Deadwood and most recently starred in the biker series Sons of Anarchy. Brake, on the other hand, has a modest genre background which includes turns in Doom, Hannibal Rising and Outpost. He also appeared in Batman Begins as Joe Chill, the man responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Halloween 2 officially stars (so far) Tyler Mane, Ezra Buzzington, Mark Christopher Lawrence and Jeffrey Daniel Phillips. Scout Taylor-Compton is expected to reprise her role as Laurie Strode.

Source: Rob Zombie

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