Lionsgate Digs Vinnie Jones’ Bog Bodies

Producers talk Irish horror film

Producers Paul Valentine and Joe Condren were interviewed by the Irish Film & Television Network (IFTN). In their chat the pair revealed the U.S. distribution plans for Brendan Foley’s horror film Bog Bodies starring Vinnie Jones (Midnight Meat Train).

“We have done a deal with Grindstone Entertainment Group who are releasing Bog Bodies through Lionsgate in early 2009,” says Valentine of the film which has been completed since early last year. “Grindstone bought North American rights and it’s a fairly big US deal we did with them. It’s a move in the right direction for our project. The dates that we have might change slightly, they have a slot for us to go out with their five horror films. Lionsgate have bought all rights for the film in North America so they can do what they want with it really, whether it is going to cinema release or straight to DVD we are not sure yet.”

Jones stars with Jason Barry and Nora-Jane Noone (The Descent) in this tale of a 2000-year-old warrior whose corpse is discovered, discarded, then brought back to life to seek vengeance on a handful of people with dark secrets. Watch a trailer below.



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