Possession Now Going to DVD?


It’s not looking good for Gellar vehicle

More bad news for the Sarah Michelle Gellar supernatural thriller Possession. Attached to a screener of an upcoming Fox Home Entertainment DVD release, I caught a trailer for the film which was followed by “Coming soon to DVD.” Confusing, as Possession was expected to hit theaters later this month from Yari Film Group.

But according to Whitney Rosenthal, director of interactive marketing: “Possession will not be released in January 2009, like previously stated. Due to financial difficulty, the film will be released later this year, sometime possibly in late February or March 2009.”

This begs the question: What’s a trailer doing on a Fox/MGM disc? Further, why is it being promoted as coming to DVD soon? Perhaps the answer will not be delayed like this film’s release has (we’re going well over a year now).

In the film directed by Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist, Gellar co-stars alongside Lee Pace and Michael Landes as a woman whose husband and brother-in-law are caught in a traffic accident. The brother-in-law wakes up and he’s soon acting like Gellar’s hubby. Creepiness ensues.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com, Yari Film Group