Official Site & Poster Art for Silver Cord


Starring Kilmer, Gigandet, Kebbel, West

Part supernatural thriller and part romance, Silver Cord stars Val Kilmer (The Thaw), Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited), Eric Balfour (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Cam Gigandet (The Unborn) and Shane West (The Lodger) in a story about a man who is separated from his woman. To find her he has an out of body Experience but the “silver cord” that connects his soul with his body breaks and he is believed to be dead. In a desperate race against time his friends have less than 24 hours to save his soul before his body is cremated.

Today, we’ve discovered early poster art and official site that does a deft job of showcasing the surprising amount of seasoned folks behind-the-scenes. Directing James Ordonez (Proof of Life) who co-wrote the script with Ken Gord (Stuck) for Handpicked Films and Tayrona Entertainment.

Silver Cord, which was announced over the summer, is currently in pre-production.

Source: Official Site

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