Visitor Cut from Friday the 13th


Mother Voorhees will be there in spirit

Actress Nana Visitor reportedly didn’t make the cut of Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th test screened for audiences in Los Angeles.

Visitor, frequently recognized as Major Kira on Deep Space Nine, was cast as Pamela Voorhees in the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot of the Voorhees franchise. One viewer in the screening tells those on the boards at the F-13 Community that there is, “No mother in the movie, she is mentioned though (20 years prior to the movie).”

This test screening spy reported back with a positive opinion of the film saying there’s more sex in it than any of the previous Friday entries, Jason was “strong” (although the viewer was on the fence about a few creative decisions made) and that there was definitely a door left open to a sequel.

No doubt Platinum Dunes will be tweaking Friday the 13th until its February 13, 2009 release date. Stay tuned for a set report!