Update: A Stake Driven Through Depp’s Dark Shadows


Update of soap is six feet under

The return of Barnabas Collins will have to wait another day. Here’s an update from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly concerning Johnny Depp’s upcoming slate:

Two long discussed Depp projects appear kaput for now: Shantaram, based on a novel about a heroin addict’s adventures in India, and the movie version of the 60’s vampire soap Dark Shadows, a childhood favorite of the actor’s.

Depp became involved in Dark Shadows in 2007 when his production outfit Infinitim-Nihil teamed with Warner Bros. to do an update. Over the summer it was reported writer John August was writing the script.

Update: Burton floats a nugget of hope towards the L.A. Times. When asked about his possible future with Dark Shadows, the director says, “Oh I don’t know. Take one at time, you know? It’s something I’m interested in of course. Definitely.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly, L.A. Times