Feast 3 Footage Screened


Who lives for more monster madness?

Screamfest hosted a free screening of John Gulager’s Feast II: Sloppy Seconds this weekend and with it the audience got a sneak peek at Feast III: The Happy Finish.

If you’re not down with the spoilers turn back now…

Gulager prefaced the footage from his threequel with a warning about how raw it was. This was apparent during some of the frenzied action scenes which were incredibly dark and grainy. The scene featured Diane Goldner’s Biker Queen – and her tattooed, armed companions – following “Hobo” (a character encoring from part 2) into his school bus somewhere underground (?!).

A monster attack ensues, it appears as if one of Biker Queen’s gals doesn’t live to see another day (or maybe they both don’t, it was hard to tell). Nevertheless, the school bus is started up and propelled topside where the other survivors are waiting (spotted: Hanna Putnam’s “Secrets” and Juan Longoria García’s “Lightning”).

Carl Anthony Payne told the audience last night that he’s back and so is Clu Gulager (natch).

Feast III: The Happy Finish is rumored to arrive on DVD in February 2009.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor